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We Can Help You To Be More Awesome! Unlike any other creative agency and advertising company, 'In Quotes Media Solutions' believes in doing everything with passion and dedication blended with innovation. Formed in 2014, this advertising company has remarkable asset of awesome ideas since inception and we used it.medadvice.net our asset wisely with purpose, passion, and dedication to deliver the best ad solutions to our clients. The 'In Quotes team' is a hybrid of dreamers and doers who always come up with the most creative, advanced and devilishly clever advertising ideas and solutions to transform your business into the best. By blending Imagination, technology, creative ideas, ambitions and ADRENALIN in the right работа в москве proportion, we offer an implausible experience and satisfaction to our clients. Our advertising company deal in all the possible aspects of advertising and marketing be it Digital marketing, print media, transit media, Creative strategy, Media planning, Buying, Auditing, efficient media management, Content marketing, social media marketing and much more! We are obsessed with our clients and hence, we keep pace with the latest trends of the market. You would instantly realize our obsession after associating with us. Our commitment is to offer you the most effective and creative strategy for your marketing investments and we completely abide by our commitment. Once you are associated with us: you would simply fall in love with our intuitive, insight-led, and spotlessly polished to perfection marketing and ad solutions.


About The CEO

A visionary and dreamer, Rohit Tak is the man behind the success of the 'In Quotes Media Solutions' He is acknowledged for his creative zeal and dreams to create a difference. After completing his MBA in marketing and communication from IBS Hyderabad, he joined an event management company and then, he worked with various media and advertising companies. The work with all these advertising agencies proved to be a rich learning curve but, it was only under the leadership of Sandeep Bomble that he honed his skills and understood the finest nuances of advertising. Counting on his immense experience and blessings, he established a one-man army with "In Quotes". Turning stumbling stones into stepping stones was definitely a hard nut to crack but, he just slew it away stylishly. Rohit believes in simple yet creative advertising ideas. "To achieve your https://jobitel.com dream, you have to work harder and go beyond your threshold and comfort zone," He says. He works with full dedication, passion, and obedience to achieve every little goal that he has set for himself работа в москве , his clients and the 'In Quotes'.
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